Thursday, June 4, 2009

Finishing BTSA and Talks with Administration

Wow...Talk about a intense couple of weeks I have had.  This last week the culmination of everything that I have been doing this year as an educator seemed to collide.  First my BTSA binder was due, which changes a teachers preliminary credential to a cleared one.  I couldn't believe after I first started teaching that I had to basically do an additional 2 years of busy work just to get my real credential.  Perhaps my frustration came from the fact that I had an awesome experience with Cal Poly Pomona's department of education preparing me so well.  So 3 years into teaching and I finally finished the BTSA requirements to get my cleared credential...YES!  

Ok... so that was thing number one.  This week has also reminded me of why back-ups are so crucially important as my computer went BOOM  I found out the logic board was dead.  Well no big deal right... it only had what... my 3 class projects and a lit review.  Well unfortunately I was able to pull some of the stuff from the hard drive before it went completely dead, but it has meant that I have had to play catch up this week on top of the BTSA stuff.  There was one good thing that did come from the destruction of my precious imac, I got to go to the apple store for its replacement.  Apple Store + ME = (kid in a candy store).  So I ended up getting the computer I have been thinking about since I entered the EMM (educational multimedia program), the Apple Mac Pro

Ok if you thought it was over guess agin.  On top everything I also had to keep up on teaching and getting grades entered into the computer.

Whew this has been a non-stop week, but at least it'll be behind me soon enough,  I just hope that I'm caught up on everything by the time it gets here. 

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